With a population of over 42 million, the Caribbean hosts a vibrant marketplace for technology, innovation and collaboration and it is the perfect opportunity to host the first ever SAP Inside Track Caribbean in Kingston, Jamaica. We have a diverse culture with strong Spanish, Dutch and English influence and we are calling all SAP users and thought leaders to come on-board to make this event a success. Sign Me Up!

There are many Caribbean based businesses that consume a host of SAP products and services and an Inside Track would be a great platform to share ideas and an opportunity to strengthen SAP's presence in the region which in turn will provide value to businesses, schools and vendors.


Strength in numbers?

The majority of Caribbean residents speak Spanish, a whopping 57% of the overall population. It is then no wonder why the English speaking Caribbean is overlooked or simply grouped with Latin America because the numbers are much smaller. However, if we do a deep dive into the GDP (PPP) of each Caribbean country and begin to rank our Top 10, we notice that English speaking countries are ranked in the Top 2 and represent half of the Top 10. 

It is evident from the analytics above that there is tremendous value in all segments of the Caribbean, not just Spanish speaking or even the islands with large populations. The goal of the first ever Inside Track Caribbean is to shine light on that complex diversity and bring together a community of like-minded users and thought leaders who can network, collaborate and innovate in their space. The first #SITCarib will be hosted in Kingston, Jamaica however the goal is that this community will grow and we may eventually see Inside Tracks coming from most Islands. If not, the opportunity also exists to host the event in different locations across the region. The possibilities are endless and we hope to grow the voice of the SAP user community above anything else. 


#SITCarib Focus

The Telecommunications industry represents one of SAP's largest clientele in the Caribbean with Banking, Oil and Gas close competitors. SAP is well known for their ERP solutions but not widely known in the business intelligence and analytics world. The focus of #SITCarib will be Data Visualization, Analytics, Cloud and Mobile. The ground work has already started to connect SAP customers, vendors, Universities and industry personnel who are excited and have expressed interest in being a part of the event. 


#SITCarib Kickoff Date

The kick off event will be held after TechEd, either the first week in December (Sat Dec 5) or second week in January (Sat Jan 9). Ensure that you are not left out, if you are interested in being a speaker, attendee or sponsor please fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you!



About the author: Raquel Seville [@quelzseville] is a Business Intelligence Professional, SAP Mentor, BI Evangelist, Founder: exportBI | Co-Founder: eatoutjamaicaTo find out more, please visit her about me page.



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