They say it takes a village to raise a child and for a company pushing to be the leaders in innovation, quality and customer experience it takes a community. Not just any community of course but it requires an almost cult like following and who better to champion that than users of your products and services. 

You want to gather the people who know the good and bad to give honest feedback and are sounding boards for your customers. They represent the voice of the wider community and are experts in their own right. They push the limits of what your product can do and help to drive the company forward to achieve its goals and meet targets.


SAP mentors

The SAP Mentors represent a small subset of the wider community but they are a strong, diverse representation. It is truly an honour to be selected as the first Caribbean based SAP Mentor and to have been a part of SAPPHIRE NOW 2015. The mentors are a wonderful group of SAP professionals who are bright, honest and welcoming. They represent the sounding board for the SAP customers and provide invaluable insight and feedback on how SAP can improve the not so good and also what they are doing right. To witness candid discussions with Senior Executives and the mentors proves this point and moving forward these professionals will continue to play a key role in the future of SAP.


The Community

The power of the community lies in its people and to connect yourself with like-minded people who are doing great things within their own domain of expertise is inspiring and motivating. It makes you want to be better and do better. It challenges your way of thinking and how you solve problems, it makes you absolutely better when you open yourself up to community and what it has to offer and when the community opens itself up to you. 



About the author: Raquel Seville [@quelzseville] is a Business Intelligence Professional, SAP Mentor, BI Evangelist, Founder: exportBI | Co-Founder: eatoutjamaicaTo find out more, please visit her about me page.

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