Did you know that the average annual salary of a Professional with a CBIP certification is US $114,613? This data comes from the 2014 TDWI Salary, Roles, and Responsibilities Report and is $7,850 more than their non-certified counterparts. Now that may have gotten your attention so the question remains, what is a certified business intelligence professional? 

Similar to how a Network Administrator would have a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) or a Project Manager with a PMP (Project Management Professional), the CBIP was developed with the same concept in mind. The CBIP certification is offered by The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) for business intelligence and data warehousing Professionals who want an internationally recognised certification that gives them recognition, higher salaries, credibility, validation and industry connections. 

Speciality Areas and Exam Requirements

TDWI is known globally as “the leader in BI education and research” and a CBIP certification will be a differentiating factor on your resume. The certification offers four (4) speciality areas:

1. Leadership and Management: in depth knowledge of processes, project management, organization and team building skills

2. Business Analytics: effective use of data and information to drive positive business actions

3. Data Analysis and Design: clear understanding of business needs and how to translate them into robust data structures

4. Data Integration: knowledge and skills needed for source to target mappings and data cleansing.

CBIP requires two or more years of full-time experience in IT and data related fields and an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree. The chart below provided by TDWI shows that the most popular specialization is Data Analysis and Design and more than a third of certified professionals have 10-20 years of experience.  

The certification requires successful completion of three exams (Practitioner level – 50% or above and Mastery level – 70% or above). The IS Core and the Data Warehousing Exam are required for everyone. The third exam is offered in four different specialty areas and you can become certified in multiple speciality areas.


Steps to Certification

1. Identify Your Specialty Area: Refer to the four speciality areas above

2. Identify Your Exams: As mentioned before, you will need to pass both the IS Core and the Data Warehousing Exam plus at least one speciality exam.

3. Get Prepared: You can purchase the CBIP exam guide for 135 US (member) / 109 US (non-member).

4. Take the Exams: Exams can be taken at a TDWI Conference ($325-$350 US) or remotely proctored ($400 US).

Your certification is valid for the first four years and must be renewed every three years. To keep your certification current, you will need proof of 120 credit hours of continuing professional education and a fee of $125 US. To find out more about CBIP and to get started on your path to becoming a Certified Business Intelligence Professional, please visit TWDI.org 



Source: TWDI.org 

About the author: Raquel Seville [@quelzseville] is a Business Intelligence Professional, BI Evangelist, Founder: exportBI | Co-Founder: eatoutjamaicaTo find out more, please visit her about me page.




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