I was asked a few months ago to give a presentation on the benefits of having Business Objects in my organisation. Needless to say, the presentation fell through but I did document 7 reasons why Business Objects is an excellent tool to have in your organization.

Advantages of using Business Objects


Secure - Business Objects offers expert security features that can be managed though a company's Windows AD platform. Individual users are provided with a secured login to multiple domains or folders and also restricted access to specific areas and/or reports. Information and Content (documents, universes, etc) is secured by using a repository database. 



Centalised (Repository based) – information is located in one source and not multiple data tables, excel files or systems.


User Friendly

User friendly interface for designing a query (dataprovider) by dragging and dropping objects from universe into the query panel window.


Less Re-work

Formatting of data is retained on data refresh. If new data is added, no need to add a new row or column as you would in excel, the report is automatically updated. Business Objects also provides a host of formatting options such as breaks, sections, crosstab, drill down and up to name a few. 


Bring data together for a single point of truth

Data Analysts and Designers have the ability to transform operational and transactional data into usable knowledge to discover uncharted capabilities and opportunities for your organization.


Make better decisions with timely reports and increased collaboration

The days of paper-based, static reports are over and the competitive advantage goes to the organization with the most timely, relevant information.  Employees can receive dynamic reports with parameters for their specific needs and communicate with their peers about the information the reports contains, all via the Web. A single report can be refreshed on demand with different parameters to suit different users. Reports can also be scheduled to be delivered at specific times to specific persons and this can go to email (Outlook inbox) or even a secure folder location (Large files that cannot be emailed).


Get real-time analysis of information on integrated systems

Your organization can gather and act on near real-time movement of information throughout the organization. As data is captured and organized in your data warehouses, your employees will be able to inquire daily about activity as it is happening, allowing for quicker reaction times and an increased ability to make better business decisions not just when someone has time for ad hoc crunching of data.


In summary, SAP Business Objects is an excellent reporting and presentation tool to incorporate into your Business Intelligence architecture and can empower users to get answers to questions with a quicker turnaround time which reduces requests going to your local IT/BI teams. With a suitable and competent implementation of SAP Business Objects, the long term benefits far outweigh the initial investment. 



About the author: Raquel Seville [@quelzseville] is a Business Intelligence Professional, BI Evangelist, Founder: exportBI | Co-Founder: eatoutjamaicaTo find out more, please visit her about me page.




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